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active in the swinging lifestyle so come say hi !
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Managing my website and content myself, I like to share my real life adventures with my fans
My personal website is where I post my swinging videos and all the things I do.
You can access it for 12$ monthly.
Private Website
My OnlyFans is 9$ monthly. OF policies are getting more & more restrictive & I'm not able to post sex videos there. (I swing with amateurs in "real life" & we are not willing to give ID's & release forms to OF)
So unless you're an absolute fan of onlyfans, I'd recommend joining my website instead !

Cherry, why 3 plaftorms ?

As much as I’d prefer to have all my fans in one place, to share and engage with, Ive found out that it’s not really possible. When I started sharing, everyone was on tumblr, and I made my website to share more private content, and that was it. 

Things have changed since then, both on the social media scene and the content monetization scene, and I’ve had my own journey too.

As it stands, I post on :

  • my own website. What I like most is sharing with fans. On my website I’m free to share what I want, photos, videos, but also real life stories of what I do. It always has been where most of my fans are and everything I do is posted there.
  • onlyfans. What onlyfans allows a creator to post is limited, as explained above. So why do I maintain an account there ? Well I deleted it last year and recently re-launched it. And, to my (good) surprise, Ive found out that there are fans that are just going to be using onlyfans. And nothing else. Habit, other creators followed there… might be a few reasons but it is what it is and I still want to “connect” with those fans.
  • my community project. Inspired by years of sharing my real life experiences as a swinger with my fans, I’m building an intimate & exclusive adult club where we can share our content, discuss online & meet in wild parties around the world. Limited to just 675 members for now. Come get in and swing with me :))

I hope those explanations are clear enough and however you chose to “follow” me, I appreciate the support, please never hesitate to let me hear from you !