Introducing CherryBlossom Community

Create, Share, Interact & Monetize Together

By & For the Community

I’m building with our community a range of products that are more rewarding to both creators and members, with a token ($CBL) meant as a layer to capture and protect the value created.

Monetize your content

Join us as a creator and experience full control of your earnings, no third-parties, no caps on tips & benefit from your existing & growing community.

Get more as a member

$CBL gives you a chance to be more than a fan/member as the token captures value from the revenue made by the products. & You only need to be holding $CBL to access creators's content and interact with them without parting with your tokens.

Stake to Earn

Deposit your $CBL to enter the Shogunate. Shoguns & Daimyos collect a % of the revenue of all the products made by/for the community, including my Website, my OnlyFans.

We can build on any platform

Paid website, token-locked discord servers or telegram groups, forums, NFT market places, our own Blossom Market... We can build and connect creators and members anywhere.

Intrigued ?

Come and take a look in our Discord server or read more about our products below.