buying $CHERRY

To get $CHERRY, you need to :

  • Step 2 – set up a Metamask wallet ( and send the ETH to your Metamask address. You can also ignore step 1 and buy ETH straight from Metamask wallet.
  • When the transaction is complete, the $CHERRY will automatically be in your wallet. To see your balance, click Add Token, Custom token, enter the $CHERRY contract address : 0x4eCB692B0fEDeCD7B486b4c99044392784877E8C .

If this is the first time you are buying $CHERRY, and you are joining the community :

  • Go to the discord : , go to #join channel, and type !Join. You will receive a DM from a bot, and you will be taken to your metamask to confirm your balance, then the bot will automatically assign you a role, based on your balance.
  • Note : if you are on mobile, and picking “metamask” doesn’t do anything, try and pick “wallet connect”, then metamask, and it should prompt metamask.