Introducing Club CHERRY 🍒

How to Join Club Cherry

Hey guys,

After announcing my own social money ( my own $Cherry token on Ethereum !! ), I want to announce a new way for us to hang out, simply called Club Cherry :)) >> there on Discord <<

This is SFW & meant to be a place where we discuss social money, crypto, developments of my token,

It’s also a place we can be ourselves and be helpful to one another, and cut the noise from twitter 🙂

It’s going to start off on discord but since $CHERRY (the official social money of the club) is an ethereum digital currency, we can take the club anywhere we want to in the future.

How it Works

To enter Club Cherry, you have to hold 200 $CHERRY in your Roll or Metamask wallet. $CHERRY holds value, similar to other cryptocurrencies, and it’s value can potentially raise as more people join the group.

Goals of Club Cherry

I also see Club Cherry as a place to start a real community where we can support each other personally and professionally as well. 

Club Cherry will start on Discord but as “web 3.0” is expanding fast, we can take the club anywhere we’d like in the future as more options become available.

Ownership in the Club Cherry Community

Maybe one of the most exciting things about this is giving you guys a stake in the success of Club Cherry.

As Club Cherry gets bigger, the price of the 200 $CHERRY entry fee grows as well. Club Cherry members that want to help grow the community can really benefit from being early. Every $CHERRY holder has a small stake in the success of Club Cherry.

(for the crypto people out there, this means CHERRY is on a bonding curve on Uniswap)

This also means that if you don’t like how things are going at Club Cherry, you can sell your $CHERRY and leave (you will automatically get booted from the group if you don’t hold 200 $CHERRY in your wallet).  

Thanks to the guys at Roll and the team at Abridged for making this really easy!

Join Cherry Club

If you’d like to join Club Cherry :

Buy CHERRY on Uniswap or the Roll exchange

How to Join CHERRY Club

Cherry token address:

See you soon!