Hello ! Welcome to $CHERRY Community :cherry:

This community is built on simple ideas : bringing creators and members together in benefiting from the community’s growth, without third parties & give more value to both our content and our memberships.

This a community where NSFW is accepted but we are not limited to NSFW content.

We also have SFW creators (illustrators, digital art…) and events. We have separated channels that are SFW where we talk about anything from anime, gaming, crypto, investments, to food and travel, movies, tech…

We have our own currency, $CHERRY, an ethereum token, to give full control of earnings to creators, to give a better subscription model to members (they simply need to hold $CHERRY in their own wallet, full control and ownership), and to be censorship resistant.

The network effects will ensure people joining the community are rewarded as we grow. $CHERRY serves as a ticket to enter and stay in the community, as the currency to tip and commission creators, as a way to receive rewards (“Blossoms”) that can be used to redeem custom content and interactions. Inside the community, we have creators posting their content and interacting with members, special live events, quests with $CHERRY bounties to reward activity, engagement, NFTs, $CHERRY airdrops, and many more surprises.

How to get $CHERRY ?

Step 1 – on http://coinbase.com/ or http://crypto.com/, or  https://buy.moonpay.io/, for example, buy Ethereum (ETH).

Step 2 – set up a Metamask wallet (http://www.metamask.io/) and send the ETH to your Metamask address. You can also ignore step 1 and buy ETH straight from Metamask wallet.

Step 3 – go to http://www.buycherry.io/ and “swap” the ETH to $CHERRY. When the transaction is complete, the $CHERRY will automatically be in your wallet. To see your balance, click Add Token, Custom token, enter the $CHERRY contract address : 0x4eCB692B0fEDeCD7B486b4c99044392784877E8C .


Go to the discord :

go to #join channel, and type !Join. You will receive a DM from a bot, and you will be taken to your metamask to confirm your balance, then the bot will automatically assign you a role, based on your balance. Note : if you are on mobile, and picking “metamask” doesn’t do anything, try and pick “wallet connect”, then metamask, and it should prompt metamask.

Here are the ranks based on your :cherries: balance :

1- Peasant : 10-29 :cherrydisc1: SFW channels only. No access to NSFW content, no access to the website, no Blossoms rewards, no :cherrydisc1: airdrops, no events.

2- Farmer : 30- 49 :cherrydisc1: + basic NSFW channels, basic website content. No Blossoms rewards, no :cherrydisc1: airdrops, no events.

3- Ronin : 50-199 :cherrydisc1: + Blossoms rewards, :cherrydisc1: airdrops, access to events, collect NFT badges.

4- Samurai 200-499 :cherrydisc1: + Premium NSFW content, Cherry’s Castle and unique NFT collectibles.

5- Daimyo 500-999 :cherrydisc1: + VIP Special interactions, Cherry’s Chambers, VIP :cherrydisc1: airdrops, and special NFTs.

6- Shogun Governance.