$CHERRY is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

( contract address : 0x4eCB692B0fEDeCD7B486b4c99044392784877E8C )

For content creators :

$CHERRY is the money received for posting your content in the community. You can sell it for USD, accumulate it and bet on the value growing as the community grows, etc.

For members :

$CHERRY is the key to enter the community and the $CHERRY network on different platforms, with different creators.

The token-lock system allows you to get the tokens and hold them as long as you want to stay in the community. If you want to leave, at anytime you can freely sell the tokens by yourself, get the money, and your access is revoked.

Additionally, with me directly, you can stake and hold $CHERRY to :

  • Receive monthly airdrops of CherryBlossoms, my rewards system token. 1 $CHERRY = 100 Blossoms.
  • CherryBlossom is the way to get custom content from me, from custom photosets, to video, to live cams, NFT, collectibles, my undies, contests, raffles, fan ranks…
  • Rank up in my rewards system and content levels
  • Governance : vote a in smart contract to direct my actions
  • Get access or discounts to other creators I partner with

How to get some ?