Hey, pretty excited about this 🙂

As you know I’m really interested in all the new things blockchain can help us to do.

The guys at Roll have been building something quite cool on ethereum, they call it “social money“.

You can read this article about economics of social money

They are working with me to help me build my own social money that we can all use for all my content.

If you are familiar with Ethereum, this is basically an ERC-20 token

( contract address : 0x4eCB692B0fEDeCD7B486b4c99044392784877E8C )

What is it ?

Think of it as a membership token. Similar to airlines miles. You support me, my content, in various ways, and as a reward, you earn tokens. You can spend those tokens, to get custom content from me, various exclusive interactions with me, access to special private chat groups, get collectibles (NFTs for example, learn about NFTs -here- )

Examples :

You get tokens if :

  • comment something nice on my MeWe public posts
  • comment something nice on my twitter posts
  • follow me on twitter
  • like a tweet
  • retweet a tweet
  • tip me (can be on onlyfans, my website, crypto)
  • join onlyfans
  • comment something nice on my onlyfans posts
  • like a onlyfans post
  • join my content on any platform
  • buy them on uniswap

You can spend tokens to :

  • join my onlyfans, join my NSFW DarkClub on discord
  • get personalized custom content
  • book a day for me to chat exclusively for you, custom videos, live streams
  • get access to my SWF Club Cherry on Discord
  • get collectibles (research about “NFTs” (example here)