Hey ♥️ Short story : amateur asian girl from south east asia, hotwife/swinger in real life, all about interaction & meeting new guys. Don’t be shy, come in 🙂

I’m not cam-girl, I don’t have a manager, I’m deeply attached to my freedom, & I manage my content/blog myself & decide who I meet/swing with.

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Going Deeper – Full Website Blog

I’ve reached more than 250k followers on my tumblr, & I love it, but I do not wish to be famous. I do have a “normal” job.

I do share personal, intimate thoughts & content about myself and my sexuality, I am interested to share this content to people with similar interest, who will take the time to understand me, chat with me, maybe meet with me, and because the people I swing with are not actors but regular people like you and me who want to retain their privacy, I do have a private club ( = full website + snapchat + mewe chat group) where I share much more about myself for members with a real interest in me. If you are interested, please join here 🙂

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