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Join the FIRST EVER tokenized NSFW Community ! 


New subscription model : first ever NSFW community with a tokenized membership

you get a stake in the community’s growth with $CHERRY

Monthly rewards $CHERRYBLOSSOMS to get custom content and benefits

+ More girls as featured guests & access to $CHERRY’s network


Welcome to my community ! A few words of introduction are needed, as this is literally the first ever NSFW community

with a tokenized membership : 

The situation :

Thousands and thousands of girls are flooding social media with free content to advertise their onlyfans, because they need 400k followers so 10% of them would buy their 9$ onlyfans.

This trend makes their content very cheap, and very public, sometimes on social media that were not meant to be NSFW. It is “easy money” but at what cost, and who truly benefits the most ?

The vision :

I’m going in the totally opposite direction. I’m building a place that is private, a place that gives more value, more exclusivity to the content created.

A place that gives more control of their earnings to content creators, removing third parties and important fees.

A place that redefines existing subscription models, and gives a stake to its members, as the community grows.

A place where I can use my experience & my network, in blockchain and web 3.0 to build something new.

My club is a tokenized membership club

wait what is that ? Welcome to web 3.0 ! 🙂

 I have my own ethereum token named $CHERRY.

This token is the key to enter the community, and stay in the community, on different platforms.

This is very different from existing subscription models where you have to part with your money, most of the time on a monthly basis.

The tokenized membership allows you to get the tokens and hold them as long as you want to stay in the community. If you want to leave, at anytime you can freely sell the tokens by yourself, get the money, and your access is revoked.

$CHERRY gives you more than a simple access

$CHERRY gives you access to my community, my content, the $CHERRY network of other creators, and more. 

$CHERRY gives you total control in your membership. You get it yourself, hold it in your own wallet, sell it yourself if you want to leave. It also gives you a stake in the community’s growth. As we grow, the value of $CHERRY grows.

More about it here : cherrytoken.com

How do I get some $CHERRY ? How do I join in ?

There is a fixed price of 25 $CHERRY to join and stay in the community.

The price of $CHERRY fluctuates as the market grows. You can check the price here :


To get $CHERRY and join, visit http://cherryhotwife.com/tour/buying-cherry/

If you run into issues, you can always DM me. If you are an existing lifetime/VIP member to my website, please also DM me, as I will contribute to your $CHERRY balance to help you get set up.

I’m a content creator, I’m interested in what you are doing

You can join the community as a featured creator & get paid without third parties and fees, depending on content and post frequency, accumulating $CHERRY as its value grows. 

You can also join the $CHERRY network and I’ll help you get a similar set up on your own discord/telegram/website, using my model, or your own token if interested, on going support, guidance, liquidity. If interested DM me on twitter @cherry_hotwife.

My social media accounts :

Mewe - Twitter - Sharesome

cherryhottie@pm.me / cherryhottie.eth

First guest in my community to come post and chat this coming week, maybe you know her, a very sexy korean/chinese babe 😉 (https://twitter.com/jayinnelin)