Hey ♥️ Short story : amateur asian girl, in the hotwife/swinger lifestyle with real people, this is my private club where I share about my adventures.

I’m a swinger in real life, I’m all about interaction and meeting new guys. Don’t be shy, come in 🙂

An introduction

Please note that I’m not cam-girl, I don’t have a manager, I’m deeply attached to my freedom, and I manage my content/blog myself.

In life or in sex, there is no happiness without freedom.

You can find my content/blog on onlyfans. Full uncensored photos and videos, and you can also send me messages and little tips for custom content. 500 photos and 100 videos are already inside and I’m posting daily. You can also get a one time lifetime subscription to my snapchat for only 49$ on snapcherry.com

Going Deeper

Despite reaching more than 220k followers on my tumblr, I do not wish to be famous. I do have a “normal” job.

Because I do share personal, intimate thoughts & content about myself and my sexuality as a true nymphomaniac, because I am interested to share this content to people with similar interest, who will take the time to understand me, chat with me, maybe meet with me, because the people I swing with are not actors but regular people like you and me who want to retain their privacy, I do have a “dark” club where I share much more about myself for members with a real interest in me and who will commit to a long-term “relationship” with me. If you are ready to do that and embark on a journey in my sexual world, please visit this page